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Easy Recipes For Homemade Catfish Bait

Catfish anglers are always on the quest to catch more and bigger catfish. It also seems that part of that quest for many of them is finding the perfect catfish bait and the topic of homemade catfish bait recipes is generally one that always comes up.
Throughout all of my years as a professional catfish guide this is a topic that I have had endless discussions about and it just seems that anglers never grow old of talking about how to make their own homemade concoctions or potions.
There are some really good recipes out there but also some really crazy ones as well that really make me wonder what people are thinking when they share them, because it seems almost certain that they wouldn't even waste their time making them, or fishing with them.
I have never been one that felt he had to constantly seek that new or next catfish bait recipe because I can narrow down the baits that I use to a very short list. I limit mine to these items as they are proven and successful and have been producing catfish for me for years.
These items are:
  • Natural Baits (Shad, Perch, Blue Gill, Sun Fish, Gaspergou, Carp Drum, Grasshoppers etc)
  • Redneck's Catfish Bait Soap for Jug Fishing and Trotlines
  • Catfish Punch Bait
If you do feel compelled to make your own recipe here is a basic one you can make at home.
Leather Livers
Take chicken livers and drain the excess juice from them and spread them out on a board. Take garlic salt and sprinkle livers LIBERALLY with garlic salt on both sides and then place in the sun until they get a thick rubbery texture on the outside (at least 24 hours in the hot sun). Once the are ready just place them in a sealable container in layers, add additional garlic salt in layers and refrigerate.
The is just one simple catfish bait recipe there certainly are many others available that can made quickly and easily at home. Unfortunately though most of the better catfish bait recipes that seem to be most effective are not baits than can be made quickly and easily and they require significant more time and ingredients to make.
It's not uncommon for people that make their own homemade concoctions to allow them to sit for as long as two or three years prior to selling or using them, people are really serious about their recipes.
You can learn more about making your own concoctions and learn more about other catfish baits through the Learn To Catch Catfish website.
Chad Ferguson is a professional catfish guide who operates guided catfishing trips on Lake Lewisville, Lake Worth and Eagle Mountain Lake in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. In addition to being a successful catfish guide Chad also manufactures a popular catfish bait called Redneck's Catfish Bait Soap, catfish juglines called Redneck's Juglines for Jug Fishing as well as other fishing products.
Chad also runs a popular website called Learn To Catch Catfish where he shares catfishing tips, tricks and information to help anglers be more successful fishing for catfish.
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